Sunday, December 10, 2006

Naama Japan Kyon Chod Diya

Kyon Chod Diya

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Shrikanth Kumar is back with a song that melts.

Last time I had his face glow in the darkness. After hearing this song, I wanted to place something that dwells into the mood of the song. I asked Srikanth to hold a spatika mala in his hand in the terrace. It might have sounded crazy to him. But the picture came out just too good. Dont you think ?


Jeevan said...

Yes keerthi it came out very well!!

Rajesh said...

Yes. It has come out really well. Excellent composition. Your friend has done it again. His voice just melts me. Please ask him to promote his own website with lots of songs. That will give him more exposure. Thanks

Sundararajan said...

Hi keerthi,

Voice of Shrikanth Kumar and the photo are too good.

Keep it up guys...


Anonymous said...

When i first saw it, i thought some ad of a new hindi movie which is going to be released soon.Nice photography. Keep it up.

Keerthi said...

Thanks a lot guys ! Im sure Shrikanth is delighted with all your appreciations

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful photo & excellent voice.
Nahi chodo yr friendship & talents