Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Simple Vs Grand

Hehehe ! Well, I am just too good at illustration. :) I wanted to tell you that i like Simplicity as well as Grandiose. And I found the best way to do it :)

Note : This post is purely about the materialistic simplicity. Not simplicity in thoughts or anything like that.

Quick exercise to you ! Self Analysis !
Do you like being simple, or would you like to exhibit grandness in the things you do ?

Many of my friends like to be simple. Simple dressing. Not wearing jewels. Not a grand looking Hall and bedroom. No bandhas. No alattals. Being a rich person, and travelling by TVS 50. And all that.

There are some people who live excessively grand. Traveling on a Corolla to nearby temples. Wearing the 50,000 color saree. Wandering like a mini jewel shop.

My ex-boss used to tell me, "Im rich. But I dont like to show my richness around. I wear shirts worth Rs.100 or so. I dont want to wear those expensive shirts and exhibit grandness".

I like to be simple. Simple words. Simple clothing. Simple home. But I like to be grand as well. Iam, already, in my waist-size :) But that apart, I like the grand Door of the Veda Nilayam (J's res). I like that C-Class. Whats the point in having so much money that can let you travel on a Merc, and yet you travel by Zen ?

Question ! You have One Crore Credit. You need a car. Which car will you buy ?

Another Question : There are two sentences.
Sentence A) I want to be simple
Sentence B) I dont want to be grand

Which of the sentences do you *Honestly* think you agree with, if you think you are simple ?


Narayanan said...

B it is.

VenkatRangan said...

A ---> but with tiny modifications....which may not look grand..:-))