Sunday, December 31, 2006

SMS Charges shifts New Year by One Day

Thiruttu Pasanga ! SMS are charged on the festival days. Varies from 25 paise to Re. 1 depending on the mobile service provider.

There could be two possible sensible reasons.
a. To control the surge of messages on these days.
b. To make more revenue out of the mis-utilized comfort.

Have to admit that people go crazy and SMS "New Year greetings" to people they would have met just once in a suburban train a few years ago. I don't go well with this keep-in-touch-with-people stunt. Yet, I message people to whom I genuinely feel to wish.

I am with Aircel and they promise free SMS. The funda is it is not free. They charge Re. 1 per day for this. What the **** is free here ? And whats more ? We have to pay for the individual messages on festivals and holidays. BS !

The problem is that this is intimated to customers via SMS. And people usually IGNORE these messages from their service providers. So, they are also ignorant of the fact they are being charged.

Most of the people realized this on christmas. Hindu friends SMSed Hindu friends for Christmas. And then the realization happened.

So New year was shifted one day back. SMSes Swarmed every mobile, yesterday, than today.
If mobile service providers are Buddhisaalis , customers are Adhui-Budhdhisaalis !


Anonymous said...
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Raju said...

Happy New year, Keerthi!!!

Gladtomeetin said...

Ohhhh intha kadai yenakkku theriyathe....

Good to bring it out and A Very Happy New Year :-))