Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Watch it 1st day ! 1st Show !

For Rs. 75, you can get your BP checked. Heart scanned. Analyze your mental depression levels.
You need to spend a helluva amount in Apollo for doing all this. But our Vijaya T Rajendar does it in his movie Veerachchchchaaamy !.

Talk of Healthy Movies :)


narayanan said...

indha pic'a paathe manasellam neranjuduthu da ambi :)

Jam said...

Idhellam romba too much, dandanakka danaka nakka.

Keerthi said...

narayanan, chancey illa ! ille ?

jam, Vaada en Machchi ! Vaazhaikka Bajji !! (What a tag-line !! ) I use too much of exclamation marks, when it comes to TR !!

Rajesh said...

korangoda thala mudi colour'a parungoda doi..
"korangu sayam veluthu pochuuu" dum dom dum
"korangu sayam veluthu pochuuu" dum dom dum