Sunday, January 07, 2007

Bringing people together !


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I've always loved my keyboard. TVS Gold.
The pitch black color and the cute sound while typing.. two important reasons.

When I was trying focus tricks on my keyboard, I caught this on frame.. and all this text appeared on my mind as I was putting that into my Hard Disk.

I like the color of the photo and the smell of this text. You ?


Anonymous said...

Keerthi , Just excellent. You have explained the older saying in a very different way which sounds very good.

Enna kettal idha oru greeetinga podallam.

Hats off to you keerthi.

Anonymous said...

Lovely writing there dude...and lemme introduce myself...I am Anand Ramamoorthy, a long time blogger who was out of blogging action for a few months....but I have been a reader of your posts for quite some time and am a fellow Kamal if you would drop into my blog, that would be really nice...and I should have met you in Chennai ...keep writing

Happy New Year

Best Wishes


monu said...

really wonderful greeting!
and wonderful wiritng...

Deekshanya said...

Hats off. My better half and I loved this one!

too good both the pic and the words. extraodinary one!!
good job!

Srikanth said...

routed via p.k's blog. awesome pic dude and the writing lifts the whole mood to the next level - trust me. keep them coming..


Fathima said...

Came here from PK's blog. Gr8 work! Nice way of representation!

Sree said...

Hey Keerthi,
Now I understand why PK said it is unfair to have not visited this place.
Such beautiful words.....
Hmm really nice :)

Risha said...

Beautiful post :-)