Monday, January 15, 2007

Come into my parlour, Said the Spider to the Fly


The name is pleasant. The Trailer is not very intriguing. The Background Music, for the trailer, is awesome.

Listen to this.

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Even Gautham Menon would agree with me on this. Pasting a "Great Director" sticker to a person, after his second consecutive Hit-Movie, is not a good decision. Selvaraghavan, Bala and Gautham Menon are a few Directors who truly may not deserve the "Great Director" adjective to their names. Atleast this may be too early for them to get it.

Paarpom. Pachaikili Muthucharam eppdi irukkunnu. The trailer looks like another rowdy attagasam. The story may be different. Atleast this time Sarathkumar is not a cop. But it would drive me crazy, if Jothika's name is Maya and Milind Soman's name is Ilamaaran.

There is a neat site for the movie. Here. Neat, because it has enough HTML content and not the fully irritating flash content. Check out the story. The title of this blog post, came from there.

The music above sounds like Kunnakkudi. I know all violins sound like that. But my instincts say that it has to be him. If Im right then I could become the next nostradamus. (Who do you think is third in the picture you see above ? he he he )


Anonymous said...

This is what even I thought yesterday. As usual Jothika's name would be Maya and Milind Soman's name as Illamaran etc.. Paarpom , Gautham adhe maadhiri thaan kai aalugiraara

Shrikanth said...

Hey Keerthi. That photo of yours was taken by me rite ?. Btw the violin cannot be and should not be Kunnakudi.

monu said...

the music is real good, Tv la ketten

monu said...

hey and my guess about the story.
Married sarath kumar has an affair with jothika!

sreekrishnanv said...

hey this is(coukld be) a rip off of the english movie derailed featuring Jenny Ani - (jeniffer aniston) ...

its like this ...a couple - not in that good terms - this guy meets a girl whom he falls in love... they hit the bed one night when a villain barges in and rapes the "kalla kaadhali" .... unable to go to police since this is not a "legal affair" - this guy is afraid.... and the villain takes his turn ... and starts blackmailing.... how things are resolved could be the end of the story !!

a very good story - for tamil - didnt suit the english audience much -
im not sure how gautham is adapting this to tamil - but am sure its the same ... and even the trailer for derailed and PkiliMcharam is the same !! ...

song resembled a lot of HJ's earlier although the music is stunning !!

btw: gautam should abstain from dialogues like "pidichirku, romba pidichirku" the one in kakkha kakkha when jo proposes to surya !!

sappunu oru ara vidalaam pola thonum !!

Vinesh said...

i agree the music is fantastic.

Keerthi said...

anon, Gautham got carried away by KK's success. I guess he learnt from VV.

srikanth, yes dude. Why not ?

Gayathri, suuper meesic. Story - as written by SreekrishnanV :)

SreekrishnanV, Palaarnu adichudunga ! :)

vinesh, super-fantastic

Anonymous said...

The violin piece sounds more like L subramaniam and not kunnakudi.