Friday, January 12, 2007

Creativity Unnoticed

Margazhi Kolam Margazhi Kolam

I posted the first picture, especially, because with just the second picture you will be carried away with a feeling that it is some kind of Paper art or Digitally processed image.

It is actually a Margazhi Kolam in front of some house in my locality. As PK mentions Im struggling to find a word in english that expresses my surprise on seeing this Kolam. It is very easily the best Margazhi Kolam that I ever saw anywhere. I was told by the locality that it was crafted by a lady in that house, and she is well known in the street for her Kolams. Unfortunately she was at work when I was there, so no photograph of her. But great work. She may not read this blog. She might not know that a few hundred people watched her Kolam, worldwide. It is meaningless to appreciate someone in a forum, where that someone isnt an audience of that appreciation. Yet, the artificial behaviors insist that we appreciate her work. Good work.

I've found some people who do certain things with passion. Whenever something is done with passion, the success gives double the pleasure. Particularly in areas of creativity.

But the creativity that is unnoticed, I have questions on that. Whenever I have made something creative, I've put that on my blog. Even one comment would suffice. Two reasons why you may not find too many comments - A) The works are not that creative and B) This blog is not very popular.

If this is the case for me, who has at least some place to showcase my creations, what about people who do not have this kind of an exposure. They would probably have a different audience. Office peers. School mates. Neighbors. Families. Creative minds needs some kind of a pat on the back from time to time. Some honest feedback or atleast criticism. May be Im the only one who thinks that way.

Can creativity survive without appreciation ?


Anonymous said...

passion, is the key word. one did not want to create something to be appreciated... that thought comes later... so even if one is not appreciated, just for themselves, they will want to do these things, simply because they can do it and they like doing it. feeling good or bad about being appreciated comes later. creativity WILL survive without appreciation.
and... tell you what, once that 'wanting to be noticed' subsides, without being you aware of it, you will be noticed. since the focus will have shifted to the work... pure acts of creation... with that initial childlike zest... and inevitably the result will be good... it cant be any other way because, what was in the mind was inspired... and the out come will be precisely what was on one's mind. how can it be bad? And it will be immaterial as to who sees it.

Jeevan said...

Keerthi your blog is very special to me:) you brings much information’s and wonderful pic or any thing around us.

Sure the Creativity should be appreciated!! This one is a wonderful kolam i have seen in my life, it’s looking like an art not like ordinary one. My mom wonder's when i show this kolam to her.

Narayanan Venkitu said...

The last line - I agree its difficult !

I've always been amazed at your talents. I enjoy your photos with my family and wonder what kind of eye you have to shoot such nice photos.

Especially..these 2

1) Mount Road Photo.
2) The Paper Man photo.


Don't loose heart Keerthi, keep going. I know it is tough to do without appreciation. But remember several people see your blog but dont comment.


For me - Your blog is like brushing my teeth...I mean..I read without fail..! Why didn't I comment on that Keyboard photo?? I don't know..but I enjoyed it.!

By the way, Fantastic Kolam indeed ...Loved it.! Thanks for highlighting the creativity !

monu said...

Keerthi, i am like you, even one comment will do, and thast what keeps me going.

it is very hard to keep creativity going without appreciation..well, forget about appreciation, even plain acknowledgement.

thats what i feel.. even the kolam lady gets noticed and she is popular as the one who puts those amazing kolams, well even i love to draw kolams, and once i am done, my mom takes a look and tells me it looks wonderful.

and that keeps me going..
but then thats me.
as sojourner says, for some people, the passion will keep them going.

and sometimes when i think about it, i continue to write in my blog, simply beacause it satisfies me...and that gives me the freedom to write whatever i please....

kaakkaikku than kunju pon kunju...

i wrote this in my blog a long time back.
and dropping it here, for you to look at

In the hurry-burry that was life
none, be it a close one or a stranger,
could really stop for a minute,
and admire the intricacy and symmetry,
the beauty and the art in that kolam.

But she still kept drawing,
those beautiful kolams in her frontyard
day after day after day...
What kept her giong?
Just love for her little art.............

Anonymous said...

You have a suppperb blog...I discovered it only yesterday, thanks to orkut and i've managed to read tons of entries already! Keep the gr8 work going!!

Regarding this particular article, i feel that a person needs encoragement of some kind to express his/her creaivity. It has to be from witin if not from others...else the passions and many times even the talent dies out...


Anonymous said...

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