Thursday, January 11, 2007

Radio One 94.3 FM

Radio One

I'm forced to listen to FM on my way to my office, and back home. Prior to this employment, there wasn't any chance for me listening to them and I didn't have an inclination towards FM either. There was always my Avyukta with 5.1 surround to play music, whenever I need it.

The last time I had listened to a radio was when I was in my 10th standard. That was a Ceylon Station programme with Srilankan voices (mostly the kind of Abdul Hameed modulations) with decently new movie songs.

But its only after Suriyan FM and Radio Mirchi that an avalanche of FM stations have started spurting out. All of a sudden we have more than 8 FM stations for just Tamil. And news is that, a few more are still to come. Unfortunately, all these stations have a same set of songs to Play.

RJs - they come in all flavors. Mostly Mokkai. Too much of Advertisements and too much of unwanted informations. Time Pass ellam OK dhaan. But there are better things to tell.

For instance, Kittu Maama and Susi Mami on Suriyan FM is by far the most irritating program. Awkward voice modulations. I wonder if someone likes listening to them. And they market for Bindu Appalam, during the program (i dont mean the advertisements... I mean the program by itself markets it).

And Now, there is a new channel. Im listening to it every day, simply because my bus driver likes it. It is his choice to choose the songs that I should listen to. And he seems to be pretty happy about Radio One.

Radio One seems to be from the desk of BBC entertainment. Gummunnu irukku. Very few advertisements. Excellent choice of songs from varied generes. And time seems to fly, listening to this station. There's something very good about it. And their marketting/branding strategy is amusing. If you had seen yesterday's Hindu Supplementary, you'd have known.

However, most of the new channels are very good initially. Poga Poga paarpom.

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Jeevan said...

Yesterday only i listen to the Radio One, pasanga maja pandranga;) as u said Poga Poga tharium...

Keerthi Wish you and your family a Happy PONGALO PONGAL!!