Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dare tell me this is not touching !

Over-reacting females will cry at this video.
Some adhi-budhdhisaalis will find logical mistakes in it.
"Want-to-do-good" guys and girls will start looking for details and initiate donations.
Lazy sunday-morning-browsers will link this to YouTube and start searching for the next best video
People will paste this link on GTalk windows and tell the receiver, who is already suffering from "link-smoke-alergy", to check this out.

Me ? what did I do ?
I dont know why.. but i smiled on seeing the video. I wanted to blog it, 'coz i know for sure you'd feel it touching.


sowmya said...

hmm..Over reacting females??????........???

kannan said...

I too smiled.

monu said...

i smiled.
and thought i should donate my eyes.
i had a power of -6.5 before i went in for my laser.
but ppl say that shouldnt be a problem

the thing about the ad is that it is thought provoking
the thing with emotions, they dirve more than well thought out logic could ever do

so that way, i think the ad works

Keerthi said...

Sowmya, What is your opninion ? There are Over-reacting females who'd cry on this, right ?

Kannan, ;)

Monu, it certainly works.. think about making such an Ad.. a concept that is similar on this lines. Mail me.

sowmya said...

Emotions vary from person to person, according to their personality for which they give priority.There is no such thing as over reaction.Its just a reaction for an action.Some may get tears, some may smile at the incident.its not intentional for any one. we cant say no male should get tears by seeing this video.Emotions are same for every one.