Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Peter Movies

Just happened to watch trailers on Sun TV today morning. I saw something similar to what I've done here, on the Trailer of "Unnale ! Unnale". I've seen a similar thing on some web-site. It immediately kindles some thought process in everyone, who understands this picture (or text !). Well said Keerthi ! So if someone doesn't get a thought process, it means they don't understand it. ha ! Now thats what we call a Guarded statement ! :)

Unnale Unnale trailer was cute and I know I cant expect anything beyond what was shown on the trailer. It shows an elite romance of a young hero (who resembles my friend Shailendra) and two heroines. Intriguing trailer. It seems to me the movie is all set-up in some foreign country and Nuni-naakku English throughout. And I immediately knew some comments from my friends.

"See.. movies like these.. only educated people in certain cities will be able to appreciate !".

Yeah So ? Whats wrong with that ?

"The movie will not be a hit, for sure".

Well, why do you care ?

Many people evaluate the movie in the eyes of the others. "Hey Ram dialogues villagela yaarukkum puriyaadhu da !".. I ask "Did you understand.. ?"..

People start advocating for others, when it comes to movies.. "Maniratnam padam.. yellaraleyum appreciate panna mudiyaadhu.. "

So, should Mani stop making movies ? What happens to people who appreciate these kind of movies. Who will supply the food they need ? People do too much of putting themselves in someone else's shoes..

To be contd (office bus vittuttaa... 35 Kms journey will become a pilgrimage).


Jeevan said...

But Unnale Unnale are good!

Anonymous said...

People do too much of putting themselves in someone else's shoes..

is it for others ....sometimes you have to apply what you said for yourself