Wednesday, February 07, 2007

An Achievement no one can touch

Please realize it is not an easy task to have done what TR has done. Just not easy.
To make a movie and bring it to public, it is a pain. It involves money and people.
Its not like every Tom Dick and Harry can direct a movie.
It takes a lot to be a director.
And beyond that doing it with Sense, Style and Substance will what will make successful directors.

My decency ends here...


Vijaya T Rajendar might have been a successful director of the past. I confess, I have been to only one of his movies in the past. Samsara Sangeetham. And that was merely because my dad thought it was a kid’s movie, where Silambarasan was dancing to “I am a little star ! Aaven naan Super star”. So, honestly I don’t know how good or bad TR was. But all my TV life I have seen someone constantly criticizing TR for his poetic expressions and sluggish pronunciations. More than often, any mymic artist would love to imitate him.

Recently, I found a video of TR for some movie on YouTube. It was his all famous “Vaada en Machchi ! Vaazhakka Bajji” fight. It sure was funny. But then, I realized almost all movies those days were being made like this. Then I saw an interview of TR on Sun TV. Hilarious piece of nonsense. And then the promos of Veerasamy. I thought TR would give way to young heroes and act in some fatherly role. But this guy had sprung back and dances with Mumtaz in awfully awkward costumes. That’s when I decided to go to Veerasamy, no matter what.

And I did. I had Maniratnam’s Guru in my queue. But it can wait. It can accept individual watching. But Veerasamy has to be watched with packed audience.

Abirami on a Sunday matinee. It was full-house and the fun gets multiplied when you buy tickets to sit on the front rows. The back seats are getting very very elite these days. They react to movies as if they are watching an Opera. We, group of friends, got some Rs. 40 tickets and sat on some N row. And surrounding us were a gang of students from some college. College students in a cinema theatre adopt a customized behaviour, and that changes from college to college. I knew that was going to be fun. And it was. It really was.:)

Right from the Intro, TR begins to rock the screen. And right from the word go, we get to realize TR hasn’t moved an inch away from 1980’s where he was last successful. I wouldn’t have tolerated the insanity without the support of those college students. They yelled and cheered at TR for every frame of his appearance. They ran towards the screen and pretended to worship him. That got us on the spirit. The TR spirit. We then started enjoying every non-sense on the screen. We roared like hell whenever he said “Thangachee….!!!”. Wonder who calls their sisters that way, still.

TR is an MLA. And he is also an advocate. Every time they show his house, he walks down the stairs and gets as close as he can get towards the camera and starts firing his dialogues They have used the close-ups extensively in this movie, that I was nearly successful in counting the hairs in his left side beard. TR has a gang of comedians by his side and allows them to make comedy. But people laugh only for TR. And laugh how ? I was running on tears out of the theatre. That hard a laugh.

From what I saw, this is what is TRs ideology. Villains will behave nasty. So nasty. They will be gundas, prostitutes and politicians. And TR will fight them for his sister. His sister will love the son of a dirty politician. How TR bends, bounces and bombards the knot is all Veerasamy is all about. Karumam. Idhellam oru knotaaa ? Even TV serials have gone much better than this, I guess.

Mumtaz shows up in the movie. Something you will have to note here. There is more than abundant sleaze inside the movie. At times, you feel like watching porn. Semi-porn you can say. But the audience doesn’t give it a damn. They don’t even like it. I hear the students next to me shouting… “TRaa koopdungada”… TR becomes the gravity in the movie, so much that people oversee anything that he thought people might like. People carefully watch and cheer for TR’s every costume change. They don’t even concentrate on how many times Mumtaz exposes her uninteresting cleavage. And what costume for TR ?

TR wears a Red or Black shirt that is so very tight, that he would have to tear it out of his body after wearing it once. He comes in dhoti and sometimes in denim. But during the songs, you will see TR giving us mild tremors. Jigina shirts and thick sun glasses that circus people wear. Yamma ! Thaangalaida saamy. The music is useless and I guess TR has sung some songs himself. This is good planning. Even torture has to be perfect and complete. TR seems to be good at that.

There are copious punch dialogues and each of them gets a tremendous roaring inside the theatre. Sometimes we find TR ruining himself. “Unakku thalaila mattumdhaanda mudi ! Enakku udambellaam mudi daa”. Idhellam perumaya ? hayyooo hayyo !

Climax fight has the title song. And TR dances and fights in that song. At one point he strips his dhoti and dances. Kaanarkariya kaatchi. I think we saw more than what Rs. 40 deserved.

If this were a regular review, I would have spotted the erroneous camera works which looses focus on most of the scenes. Most close ups appear blurred. Very amateurish work. Most of the other departments in the movie are handled by TR. So, if there are any mistakes in it, Im ready to forgive.

I don’t care if I break the suspense to you. TR dies in the end of the movie, because someone says he wasn’t honest. Appo sirikkudhu paarunga theatre… my stomach met my spine. Sirichu sirichu vayiru valichu.. “Deivame.. thanks !” appdinnu sollittu veliyil vandhen.

If a man can keep the crowd laughing for 2.5 hours, I guess that is an achievement. Not even Kamal’s Panchathanthiram and MMKR made me laugh this much.

Thanks TR. Thank you so much.

People, take your friends to this movie, and have quality fun. I’d suggest something. Sponsor this movie in your friends network. There is nothing as great as spreading the joy.

Warm Regards
Keerthivasan Rajamani


Chakra Sampath said...

indha post padichche neraya times sirichchen... now, i am waiting to watch veerasamy.

Shailendra Rao said...

Haha.. I can imagine how it would be.. especially after watching "vada en machhi..."

Anonymous said...

Happend to see a song from veerasami sterday. "Ennatha vachirukka " not sure abt the lines, it was horrible.

TR "Thatti pathen kottankuchi
thakara dabbava agi pochi" nu thaan padanum

Jeevan said...

To make a movie and bring it to public is not a easy thing, i agree!

Nice review Keerthi.

Chakra Sampath said...

I hav read this review 3 or 4 times already, if not more.

Have forwarded to few in my mailing list as well.

Me too said...

Appo, Veerasamy super hit dhaana!!!

Shrikanth said...

Ippidi ellarum poi padatha house full akittaa TR will think that "Janaga en mele vechu irukkara abimaanam dhaan indha padatha vetrigarama oda vechurukku". Then he would release one more movie. Ultimately tamil viewers would have real fun from time to time.

SamY said...

I vehemently disagree with you on this one ... I feel gabtain tops the list on comedy movie charts ... avare marandhuttu TR ku ippadi oru perumai review othukke matten :D ... gt be fair

can TR light a match-stick far away just by looking at it :-?

actually there are more TR stuff on google videos ... even than "Thangacheeee" scene ... just search for "T Rajendran" and "T Rajendar"

RadhaKrishna said...

Superb review. TR deserves it. Just forwarded to all my friends.

Uma said...

Nice review..enjoyed reading ....I had happened to see an interview with Mumtaz in Sun TV around the same time I read this review, and she said that her role in "Veerasamy" was better than the role of Sridevi in "Sadma"!!! Now what can one say!