Thursday, February 01, 2007

Prisoner on Bus

On a bus going from Vridhachalam to Vizhuppuram.

Kabaleeswaran aka Kabali felt completely discredited. He would have felt the same way if he was stripped off his clothes in public. Each stare at him were sharp and pricking his guilt. “Oh God ! Why dont they start the bus ? How many more stares should i take !! “

Just as he thought, another elderly person boarded the bus. He was searching for a good seat. He squeezed himself into a seat behind Kabali's. He adjusted the windows and hand-rest. Thats when he noticed the Handcuff. Hands handcuffed against the window bars. The elderly person immediately changed seat to some front seat in the bus. While going front, he gave a strong gaze at Kabali. “Oh my! Why cant prisoners be transported by Police Jeeps. Why should that inspector choose public transport ? this is untolerable shame.” He only wished nobody he knew boarded that bus.

Thankfully the driver just boarded the bus, and started the engine. He was waiting for some last minute passengers, and every minute was like standing on a shame thorn for Kabali.

This is when a river of remorse was running through Kabali for choosing this line of profession. But then, he was forced into this profession, as he could find no other job. Murder,Theft, Rape,Drugs and all that anti-social elements.

Kabaleeswaran regretted deeply for being a police constable. He looked at the prisoner sitting next to him.. The prisoner gave a burp and said "Anne ! Chicken biriyani, Soooper !".


prabukarthik said...


naasam maganey! kalakitte!

Adaengappa !! said...

thaleeeeva ,
nee kalakkala katha eithikeera....

Vijay Ramaswami said...

hey this was cool.. .. I seem to like the diversity in your posts..