Sunday, February 04, 2007

When I shook hands with God...


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I was in ecstasy when Kamalhaasan looked into my Camera. Who wouldn't be ?

Well, I wasn't any photographer shooting him, but just a fan waiting to take a photo along with him. Kamalhaasan Narpani Mandram had organized a Narpani Vizha at Sanskrit College, Mylapore, Yesterday. And I was there as prompt as any Kamal fan would have been. And how did the man enter into the gate ? Wow ! The black outfit with a clean shaven face. He looked absolutely gorgeous.

He came in, planted a tree and then walked straight to the stage and started the photo-session. The large, spacious Sanskrit College looked Cramped all of a sudden. All narpani iyakkams from all districts had turned up to take photographs, standing alongside the shoulders of Padmashree Kamalhaasan. They donated whatever they had collected that were to reach the poor and needy. Something that any other Rasigar Mandram should take note of.

That Car - Toyota Prado 4111 - on the previous post belonged to thalaivar.

I left, soon as my turn to shake hands with God was over. But I was told that Kamal stayed back until the last man on the Queue took photos with him. Thats a nice gesture towards the fellows who wouldn't mind standing in the Queue to watch him in theatres.

This photo becomes the image of the week. Actually, to me - personally, it is an image for a lifetime.


Anonymous said...

I cannot forget this . Did get to see him only in the silver screen all these days. Yesterday I got an oppurtunity to shake hands with him . Thanks da

மு.கார்த்திகேயன் said...

கீர்த்தி, நீங்க நாயகனுக்கு கை கொடுத்த புகைப்படம் எங்கே

Me too said...

ஆஹா!! இமயத்தை தொட்டுட்டீங்களா!!

Jeevan said...

Kalakkuringa Keerthi!!!

NRIs dont pray movie said...

God ?
Do you pray him every day ?
Thats so crazy of Indians.

Bala (Karthik) said...

Your photos rock thalaiva!

Rajesh said...

Be a fan, buit dont be a fanatic.

Shailendra Rao said...

Nice.. but did you dont have a pic of you two together?