Sunday, March 04, 2007

All good things must come to an End !

But because Avyukta isn't a good thing most of the times, it continues to remain Blogged upon until it becomes good.

With almost Two and a Half years of Blogging with close to 850 posts, All I could make was One Lakh hits. This ain't any great number when compared to many blogs that reach high numbers in No-time. However, to me, this ain't anything simple.To continue with the same energy as years before, and not give up the habit. Thats not great. But someone said it is.. and i start to believe it.

I hope this blog entertains you.


Shreekanth said...

Congrats da !!

Anonymous said...

Hits dont matter. If you do check, most are returns. Also, you have classified your writings/activities into different blogs which makes visitors weary. I would like to see them consolidated and presented well. The black bkgnd works for picture but white text makes for painful reading.


monu said...

your blog keeps me entertained.
congrats on teh number..
it is a magical number..
i dont know if my blogs there yet
i remved the counter

Jeevan said...

I wish u to make one lakh hits! Urs is one of my fav:)

sowmya said...


Whenever i come to your blog, I feel like reading a magazine which has its own quality and principles.Very much eagar to know and enjoy more contents from ur blog in the future.Keep going..All the best

Anonymous said...

It was only yesterday evening i.e. Sunday 4th March 2007 that some link somewhere brought me to your blog site. I was so impressed by your blog, that again I visited your blog tonight unmindful of the tiredness and hungry return late night to home back from office. The first thing I browsed was your blog site and was happy to note a new post appearing and that too indicating about the one Lakh hits. Congrats Keep It Up. Continue and reach greater heights. Vazhga! Valarga!
- Ashok R from Mumbai

Chakra Sampath said...

Congrats.. kalakitte Keerthi.

Me too said...

Oru latcham udhai vaangiya aboorva avyukta, vaazhthukkal!!

Keerthi said...

Shrikanth, Thanks.

Peter, I dont intend to change it unless another most-pleasing template is designed.

Monu, Thanks. You are a popular blog. Should have reached it long time ago !!

Jeevan, Thanks da. :)

Sowmya, :) Thanks !!

Ashok Raj, thanks mate.

Chakra, :) Thanks !

Aparna, Oho ! Ippadi kooda sollalaam le ? Cool ! and thanks

SayMee said...

Congrats Keerthi

Keep up the good post coming.