Monday, March 19, 2007

Get The Idea

Click picture to see bigger ! This is one awesome Ad for some Fertilizer company.
Hope you Get the Idea. NO ? Think again !

Thanks - SandeepMakam


Ganesh said...

She has to play it. But the swing is tied too high to get it.
How she could play?

how the fertilizer could be usefull for her.

No...... I got it. Few days b4 she was playing the game. The tree was small only. But the gardener used the Fertilizer. And so, the tree grew faster....

Poor girl.

Belive me i got the idea just now, while typing i could not guess!!

Chakra said...

I didn't get that at all.. having read the prev comment make me to kick myself for not thinking much.

rajesh said...

The other way I see it is... if we continue to eat food contaminated with chemical fertilizers, it might one day change out genetics and become so tiny, like the 'Honey, I shrink the kids'.
Its not easy being green.

Shree said...

Rombo yosikkaraale :)