Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pray For Me Brother

Dont know if you have already heard this..
AR Rahman fans are going Gaga about this. But sounds very ordinary to me.. and Blaze in an interview says this song is a part of an effort to eradicate poverty. Thats, well, um....... good. I'm just confused as to how that would happen ?

I have similar confusions about people who roam around the Globe for "World Peace". How do the equations match ? People in India travel around the country either by walk, or a few Bikers take a ride on their bikes in the name of "World Peace" or "Aids Awareness". WTF ? Can someone explain how they are achieved by their acts ?


Anonymous said...

I totally agree to that. The song sound very very normal to me.

Anonymous said...

You got me there. Eradicate poverty? This song? How? I don't understand either. Don't we all already know about poverty? How is this song helping to reach out to more?

On the other hand, India's music industry is in the pits due to piracy.

monu said...

i guess there is this foundation that ARR has set up
adn prob the proceeds from the sales would go to the foundation which may do something useful with it

may be...

but then neither do i do anything to eradicate poverty..
So i am not commenting..


And that kinda pisses me off.
our people wont do anything but will always find fault with anyone trying to do anything

Chakra said...

If ppl walk/cycle around the town for world peace, you are not meant to ask them how. :)

prabukarthik said...

ennoda blog kooda world peace kaga dhaan :D :D

Anonymous said...

My Dear Freind,

Please dont just commnet for the sake.

I dont know whether you would have heard albums of Chris De Burg & Bangles.These albums where done in the 1970s with simple music . It brings out a clear feeling in your heard when u hear this.But i would say there is no other music director in India to make a song like this. This song really sound to the international standards.

FYI.. Now A.R.Rahman is a part of UN representing the T.B . eradication division. I dont know wat u do???. But as a music director he has done his part to bring out some good ideas frm this song.Even music inspires & changes a man.Atleast after hearing to this song please do try to do something wat u can do.

The money raised from this goes to the A.R.Rahman Foundation to help people who are in need.

So please do think for a while before writing. Even our good freind spoke abt piriacy. To your info there is also some good listeners who buy original cds if the music is really good.