Thursday, April 12, 2007

Birthdays and Chennai


Did you know that inside the city, birthdays of kids have taken a new form ? Probably you knew, but I wasn't aware of such things until the recent past.

Especially for One and Two year kids, a huge cake is ordered. The cake indefinitely takes the shape of a Mickey Mouse and costs Rs. 800 plus approximately.

Thats not it, gentlemen. You might need to decorate the cake with a fancy Candle, which is in the shape of a Lotus. Upon lighting it, it blossoms, and glows and sings the "Happy Birthday" song, avoiding the peril of a few gorgeous voices attempting to sing and scare the kid.

If you've got them, then you should get another "Snow Spray" which would spurt out foam and it feels like you are in a Snow World, while cutting your cake. It is quite possible that this thing spoils the cake. Take caution, or you might loose out Rs. 800 on the spray of Rs. 40.

There's another Jigina Explosive, you will be compelled to buy, that busrts out and forms an icing on the form already sprayed. So, right at the moment of Cake-cutting, we ensure everyone looks funny.

Well, it is also essential that you have decorated the home with a bare minimum population of 25 baloons. Color papers and any other add-on is permissible. However, make sure they stick to the wall until the required time. And also make sure, they get out of the wall after the celebration. Sometimes, the way we stick it, it leaves a mark on the wall. Memories are welcome, but not on walls as patch marks.

Lets say you are inviting a few kids and their parents to the party, then you should go another mile further. Buy the fools-cap. Gift baloons. And some gifts to the kids.

WHAT ? Arent we supposed to be expecting Gifts ? Why should we be getting them gifts ?

Well, thats the trend.. and you better not question them. Buy some gifts worth Rs. 150 per kid, and please please please buy enough. It is a crime to give some kids and run short of stock when another kid walks in.

So, are you going to let your guests walk out with just a small piece of Cake ? You'd need to arrange for food, mostly a light dinner. This depends on the crowd you are expecting. Don't get too excited and make the food grand. Make it simple and digestible.

Take photos, and record the memories.

Uff.. all these things cost a lot. Atleast Rs. 5000 or more.
But then, let me put it in Mastercard terms.

One Full Cream cake - Rs. 800
Food for the guests - Rs. 4000
Decorations and gifts - Rs. 1200

One hell of a celebration, and tons of memories - Priceless.

There are **Many** things Money cant buy. For everything else, well, there's no Money and I cant buy. :)


Me too said...

Adhukulle 1st appy birthday vandhacha, Teju-kku!! Very appy birthday, Tejaswini!!

I heard about the lotus candle and snow spray and jigna explosion etc from a friend who had celebrated her son's birthday in Bangalore recently. In addition to Mickey, Donald masked people, they had to have a Hanuman too because Hanuman was the current trend said the organisers, it seems!!

Shree said...

So, right at the moment of Cake-cutting, we ensure everyone looks funny.

:) :) :) :) :) :)

Narayanan said...

idhukku thaan naan bday'e kondadradhu illa ;-)

monu said...

appy bday Teju
i am sure u had a great time!

Chakra said...

It seems like y'day when you had blogged about your visit to Mumbai, Tejaswini's birth (I like spelling her full name.. that sounds nice and majestic), you whispering her name over the mobile etc.. and here you are saying that she is already one.

On the B'day trends, very interesting. Even I didn't know abt all these until recently. You may add one more to the list. Some ppl would want to design invites on Photoshop even when they don't have a clue of how to do it.

Keerthi said...

aparna, seems like yesterday, as Chakra mentions. :) Oh yeah !Hanuman fever.. used to be Shaktiman a coupla years back !!

narayanan, namakkellam edhukku machchan.. ? :P

Gayathri, you bet ! How is Seeram :)

Chakra, LOL ! BTW, how was the response ?? let me know !

monu said...

Sriram is doign good
he went to tirupathi and ended up with fever,
he is better now
he turns one coming thrusday and we have bought for hima car in which he can sit in and ride wourlnd or be pulled around.
it is really cute

so what did u get teju?
cheemu's aush homam is on may 7th.

Narayanan said...

unmai dhaan. irundhalum oru tharperumaikkaga sonnen :D naan un veedu pakkathula shift pannanum. naan enga ponalum ore kelattu pasangala maatranga, havent been in a locale filled with < 5 year olds.