Friday, April 06, 2007


Loyola College

"Lunch ?"
"No, Xavier. I've got some problem with my stomach today. Planning to skip lunch. You guys carry on..."
Anbunathan was issuing applications for courses commencing that academic year. And he wasnt having a lunch break. He needed a break after a busy morning session. But he didnt quite like the attitude of Xavier since morning. He was true about the Stomach upset, but he would have gone out for a break if only someone else other than Xavier had called.

Middle of Some road in Chennai

Nithyanandham was going bonkers. He searched for the worst of words. It took him four years for him to think about a car and buy it. And in matter of seconds, someone slammed down on it with his bike. Bunch of crappy drivers put a dent on every good looking car. But before he could get down and start firing... the kid on the bike used the signal and went on top speed. He was gone. Nithyanandham was pissed off.

Indian Bank

Madangopal gave his passbook to the teller. She gave him back after making an entry. He did notice her gaze at him, when she saw his balance on her computer screen. That was a big sum of money. But not quite enough to manage his daughters marriage. He looked at the pass book. He needed one more lakh. In a matter of three weeks. He came out of the bank and crossed the road. "Porambokku !!" some one shouted. Madangopal was out of his minds. How can me make that much money, in that little time. He went into the bus stop.

Some Italian Restaurant in Chennai

"I just got in honey !". Amruthavalli was waiting for her lover boy, viewing the busy road from inside the restaurant. What a pleasant afternoon. She saw the security, yelling at people parking their bikes. Now, thats rude behaviour towards customers. Another bike came in, and the security yelled at him not to park there and asked him to park elsewhere instead. Another bike came in.. Wow. What a couple. Adorably romantic. They came in and sat next to her table. The guy took her hands and softly took it to his chin and felt the softness. Amruthavalli was aroused. Thats mighty romantic.

Main Story

"Idhukku onnum korichal ille..." first this sound of mom came from the kitchen. Then dad came out with a sunken face and a Ketchup bottle in his hand. Sanjay was watching this from behind the Friday Review paper. Sanjay should have watched this too long, that it procked the ego of his dad.

"What ?" he asked. "Nothing dad" Sanjay said.
"Did i not ask you to get application form today ? Have you got it ?"

Uh .. oh ! Dad is now going to show all the anger he has on mom over me.
"Illa dad. Ill buy that tomorrow. Im going out today..."

"I want it done today. and now. Get out now... when do you think you are going to get responsible. All this money and luxury didnt come in a single day.."

Whoops ! Should leave before the next para starts.. Sanjay thought and left out. He had to go out for luch to some Italian Restaurant. He cant keep her waiting. But he had to get the application form as well. Otherwise he wouldn't get his allowances for the next day. Shit ! Shit ! Shit ! He took out his Yamaha and raged on the road.
"Lunch hoursaam.. podalanga.. why dont they give the applications continuously. How many people are waiting".. Sanjay heard someone say just as he was parking the bike in Loyola College. Shit ! Shit ! Shit ! He dials her number. "Sweet little darling..." and on goes the conversation. You don't want to eaves drop on some romantic conversation. Or do you ? Anyways, Sanjay disconencts the call and looks at his face on the bike mirror. Damn ! She is already there. Should I start there or Im already here. Let me give an attempt.

He walks into the Application issuing counters. B.Sc.. MCA... MBA... ah ! There it is. B. Com. Wow. This counter was open. There was some one issuing applications unlike other courses that were stranded due to Lunch hours.

"One B.Com application".
Anbunathan issued the application. "125 rupees.."..

Wow ! That was easy. Sanjay was on the road, on the top gear. Problem solved. That was so easy. He was so happy that he had completed one of his responsibility. Out of these thoughts, now he was thinking of how romantic the day should be, from now on. Should I buy her flowers ?

"Endrendrum Punnagai ! Mudivillaaa" Screech !!!
Some a**** walked across the road. Senseless idiot. Sanjay would have run over him, had the brakes failed. And both lives would be in trouble.

"Porambokku !!" he shouted at Madangopal. He waved his middle finger at him. Silly idiots.

Loosing his cocentration he didnt notice the Signal and bumped into a Santro. Whoops. !! Not now. Damn. There was a fat driver, who started shouting out of the car window. The signal went green. Wow. this is a good chance. And before even Nithyanandham got out of his car, Sanjay speeded through the traffic and fled away. He looked into the rear view for a longer distance. The Santro wasnt following. "Endrendum Punnagai !!... yahheey !" escaping a possible avalanche of bad words and a probable Charge sheet was even more thrilling than a safe driving.

In the next signal "ayyaa... saami". A dirty beggar. The type of mood Sanjay was in, got him Ten Rupees.

He saw Amruthavalli sitting inside the restaurant. "Indru naan meendum meendum pirandhen un oru thuli paarvayile !!".

"You fool ! Dont park here".
"What ?"
"yea !you lover boy ! filthy rich people. You guys have no other way of spending money, huh !.. take the bike there...dont park here..."
"hello mister.. talk with some respect.." Sanjay was already angry.
"respect, huh ! you dont deserve one. You come to woo some girl in a posh restaurant.. why do you deserve respect..."

That was a breaking point for Sanjay. He caught the security's collars. He could smell liquor from him. The bloddy fellow is drunk.

Palaaar ! "Edra kayya !"

The security slapped Sanjay, and that Sanjay didnt expect. The Manager came running from inside, and two others. They separated the fighting parties. Manager yelled at the Security "What are you still doing here.. ? Dont you understand.. You were fired long back. Get the hell outa here. !"

Sanjay's hands were trembling. He wanted to bounce back on the security, but was calmed down by the manager. He went in the restaurant with uncontrolled anger. Amruthavalli wasnt looking at all this. She was carefully watching the romance on the next table. Sanjay came fast and slammed into the seat.

"Hey !honey ! you made it on time.." Amrutha giggled.
Sanjay was not in the moods to surrender to her sarcasm. He drank the whole glass of water in a gulp. No one slapped him since 10th std. Amruthavalli took his hands slowly and took it to her chin.

Sanjay reflexed and pulled his hands out. "Pchch ! " he said and watched out of the window. The Security was walking out slowly.

Anbunathan was relaxing on his chair. All applications sold out.
Nithyanandham was still on the middle of the road.. looking at the dent on his new Santro.
Madangopal was on the bus towards home, still worried.
The dirty beggar ordered a beedi packet in the shop.
The drunken security was on the road. His eyesight slowly blurred.

Amruthavalli's smile on her face faded away slowly.



Are you bitten by the bug of "parallel" story telling? I remember reading your earlier blog about movies in this style.

But seriously, this one was just fabricated for the sake of it- or so I feel! No feelings of "hey, thats impressive" after reading this.

KB said...

Keerthi, better write a sequel to this story to hem the loose ends ;)

sreekrishnanv said...

yup - nothing gripping in the sense a normal situation told in the Parallel way ...
Could have thought of something gripping in the main story !! But you could use this as a template and build a good main story - it sparks a lot of good story

and one suggestion - not more than 3 char. will be good for parallel story telling.. and the next imp thing is all the char are important and must form the crux of the main story.

Here i i guess only Sanjay and Amrithavalli are imp in the story !

sreekrishnanv said...

and dont mistake me - your narration skills are good- just this fine tuning of the main storyline...
I am not good at the former !!

..etho ennala mudinja alavukku

Hyder said...

Super da! if you can fine tune this story....u can give be a very good narrator!

monu said...

i really liked this one.
i thought what next..what next while reading it

Anonymous said...

I go with keerthi. Infact even i had the same thought that Anbu , Nithyanandam, Beggar and security do not play a major role and their character ends no where. And I hope here is where keerthi you succeed. You have atleast increased the expectation of the readers. Now the story is all about Sanjay who's character changes from time to time. Now these kind of small character may also come in our lives to change our mind and thereby even our future, may it be positive and negative..