Saturday, April 14, 2007

Home (defn) - An environment offering security and happiness


Sorgame Sendraalum Adhu Namma Veettai Pola Varuma ?
Of the series of photos I keep taking my house, this becomes my wallpaper more than frequently. (Mahalakshmi is the name of the Graham).

The walk on this area of my house, when it is inward, is the happiest. This passage tells me "Dont you worry ! Just a few steps before you reach Care and Affection. Just a few steps before you reach... - Home".

Most of the Senior readers (! now whats that) of Avyukta know how much I miss home, when Im off to Mumbai. There's something I do, immediately as soon as I land back. I throw the Suitcase, switch on my Avyukta (PC) and play Ilayaraja's "Hey.... thanthana thanthana thanna !!" in full volume and lay down on the plain floor.

Some educated man can clearly express that feeling in more understandable words.. but to me that feeling is simply called "Home !".


Chakra said...

i could fully relate to this. been there, done that!

Vinesh said...

beautiful - will be my wallpaper too for a day!