Monday, April 09, 2007

Read Crash, if you havent.
It is not about the style like what people have commented.

Its about how much we bump into each other, and become a reason for something in someone's life.

Think about it.
Shylu had commented the story obvious in fabricating the events for narrating the stream, deliberately. Thats true. But I think that's how life is. Don't you think so ?


Harish said...

That was damn awesome man. Truly as u said...its a small world and things are interconnected.
Inspired by one of your stories and Memento I tried a non linear story. Would love to know ur thoughts on the same :-)

Harish said...

Read ur post about Chaplin. I recently saw The Great Dictator. At the outset as a film in itself he is able to make us laugh and cry. The scene where he shaves or dances in tune with the ballon Globe is a sample of sheer timing of this comic genius.
As for the scene that u have posted...less said the better...bcoz the scene speaks for itself. Except for the recent Black Friday I hardly remember any recent movie which openly attacks our system. :-(

Keerthi said...

Harish, Will do. Definitely. Which one ? Link please.

Harish said...