Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Shrikanth Concert


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Shrikanth, my friend, was doing a stage performance yesterday.

It is a usual event in the locality, a 10 day music festival. And this time Srikanth got an opportunity, and seems he did good. I couldn't attend it due to my hectic work schedule. Thanks to KB for capturing the event, and recording it on a iPod. Here's his final number from the concert.

My parents were totally excited about his performance, and he threw a delight yesterday evening. He received great appreciations, great recognitions. Beyond everything, the feeling of making a stage performance successfully is ecstacy.

Good Work Shrikanth. I guess Srikanth would be posting the pictures on his blog.

I forgot to mention somethings to you. Dachu is a great fan of Shrikanth (and so is Teja). So, when he knew Srikanth was performing, in the opposite house (the stage was atop my opposite house), he was trying to photo-shoot from the balcony, in his toy camera. And KB was creative enought to catch it. Good work KB.

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sowmya said...

Congrats shrikanth.

Good post keerthi. it shows how deep you people are in friendship :)

you toooooo dachu ...!!