Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Airbus in India

News has it that the Maiden A380 traveled the Indian Skies. Vijay Mallaya's cheque book has been put to good use. This would bring in chances for Kingfisher Airlines to make their business enroute to the US. JET has already made itself busy with Singapore / Malaysian operations. However JET had employed the usual Boeing 737 used in domestic transport to Singapore (not sure how it is now). My Sister tells me that JETs Boeing 737 are a little uncomfortable for a international trip.

Kingfisher redefined the economy class, with all the in-flight entertainment, and forced Jet into doing the same. A healthy competition amongst service providers, is always good news for the customers.

In other words, Oor Rendu patta Koothadikku Kondaattam , and vice versa.

But on an interesting perspective, when Kingfisher opted to buy Air Deccan it was gifted with a denial. The exact words were from Air Deccan chief G R Gopinath. ""He (Vijay Mallayya) may want to buy the moon but the moon may not be available for sale,".

Dhoda !


Narayanan said...

I havent flown intl from the east. But the Europe->India bound and India-> Europe bound are defenitely uncomfortable compared to their trans-Atlantic counterparts. I think the legroom is cramped on purpose for the same kind of flight to accomodate more seats in the from/to India leg.

Narayanan said...

romba enthu'la duplicate post pottutiyo ?