Monday, May 07, 2007

Ayyo Raama !

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: See mister Uppili, your son in law is also a mahatma!
Saketh Ram: No, I am not!
Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi: Most mahatmas don't admit they are one. Do you think I am a mahatma?
Saketh Ram: You will deny it if I say you are, So I shall deny you another denial sir.

(Taken from IMDB)

I chanced to see Hay Ram again for the Nth time at home.

Nagamani Mahadevan - She is the Vasantha Mami in this picture, if you guys remember. Well, if you don't remember here's who Vasantha Mami is.

வசந்தா மாமி முன் இருக்கையில் தூங்கிக்கொண்டிருக்கிறார். பெருமாள் பிரகாரத்தைவிட்டு வெளியே வந்துகொண்டிருந்தார். அதனால் இவர்கள் கார் நின்றது.

பாஷ்யம் ஐயங்கார் (வாலி) : "சாந்தாகாரம் புஜகசயனம் பத்மனாபம் சுரேஷம் !. அக்கா ! பெருமாள்க்கா !" என்று வசந்தா மாமியை எழுப்புவார்.

வசந்தா மாமி கண் விழிக்காமல் இருகைகளையும் ஆசிர்வாதம் செய்வதுபோல் தூக்கி "நன்னா இருடாப்பா! " என்பார்.

This is one Mami, I've never seen in any other movies. But she acted fantastic in Hey Ram, even though her character was very minuscule. There has been a usual complaint that Kamal always employs his own set of actors all the time. Delhi Ganesh, Naasar, Vayyapuri, Santhaanabaarathy and more. Makes it sound more like a Drama troop. However, Hey Ram had extra-ordinary casting.

Hema Malini, Vaali, YG Magendran, Sowkar Janaki, VS Raghavan and many more showed up on tamil screen after a very long time. I wonder if they came back again. The question is how Kamal chose these people for these characters. Of course, his usual gang Delhi Ganesh, Naasar and Vayyapuri play minor roles in this movie. But whats wrong in employing them again and again, if they deliver quality ?

If you guys know something about Nagamani Mahadevan, do let me know.


Venkatrangan said...


is heyram available in dvd stores??? I tried and they told me it is not available in any format!!!

Keerthi said...

Venkatrangan, Hey Ram DVD was released long back ! :) infact much quicker than any other movie.

Vijay Ramaswami said...

I heard that Kamal went in search of actors and roped in Hema Malini and Vasundhara, with one of the main criteria is to have an Iyengar looking face.. especially the nose :-)