Thursday, May 03, 2007

Hold on to my hands


Hold my hands, my sweet little girl, hold it tight.
Im so scared of the rough tides..
I've heard stories of them eating lives...
So, hold my hands and hold them tight.

Hold my hands, my dear papa, and dont you worry..
There are only little mermaids, little Nemos and cute lovable creatures.
It has got one yellow sun and one white moon, inside.
They are a part of nature.. and nature is meant to be just beautiful.. not scary.
So, hold on to my hands, my dear papa and just look at it as i do..

Some father and daughter
Picture taken in Marina. Where else ? :)


SayMee said...

good one Keerthi...especially the different perceptions of the father & daughter...

Jeevan said...

Beautiful Poem and pic:)

prabha said...

well taken !!!
virgin or digital one should have creativity, then only its reflect in the any kind of art.