Saturday, June 02, 2007

Dollar Bodhai

கண்ணா.. ! இது அப்போ !!

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ஆனால், இது இப்போ !!!

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Huh !!! (Link)

Changed the song to suit the current state of affairs :)


Ravi Varman said...

yes, in future, Indian Projects may be outsource to US.


Sowmya said...

wow ! Beautifully expressed keerti :)

Keerthi said...

Ravivarman, :) thats a niche dream.

Sowmya, thanks !

chidambaram said...

really nice. who sung this? ur friend srikanth????

Keerthi said...

chidambaram, :) Padmashri Kamalhaasan.. in Anbe Sivam