Monday, June 11, 2007

The Festival is here ! Prepare for a holy dip !

The recent strategy from Kollywood is to release the movie simultaneously in as many theatres as possible. Vettayadu Vilayadu was such a ploy and it paid off well. The first few week collections sets the cushion for the producer and the distributors.

Sivaji breaks the record. The movie is released in all possible theatres. Given a Cineplex, more than two screens show the movie at the same time.

Sathyam, on this Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows it in 5 of its screens, totalling 10 effective shows per day. Abirami screens Sivaji in three of its four screens. Udhayam is set to release Sivaji in all its theatres. INOX is releasing it as well.

Ideally speaking, if you walk into any theatre in Chennai, you will watch Sivaji. But the catch is you cannot simply walk into the theatre. Because what is running there is not a movie. It is a celebration. Celebration of Super Star Rajinikanth. The man has kept his audience waiting for such a big blockbuster, and the audience deserve to vent their joy, and now is the occasion.

Preview show tickets are being sold at Rs. 1,500/-. It is virtually impossible to get a ticket now, for the weekend shows, even though we are only in Tuesday, unless you have a friend who stood hours together in a lengthy queue on last Sunday to buy those tickets.

I had seen two of Rajinikanth movies on first day, first show - though Im not a Rajini fan. I dont care if i miss the story, it is only the screams that entertain me - the people who made a superstar, rejoicing their creation. The whole theatre would resonate by the throat-bursting uproars and thunderous applauses.

Have you seen a fan stretch open his hands and look up at his favourite actor walking on the screen ? Not even Gods get that surrender and faith. A very few actors share this charisma. I would do that for Kamalhaasan (I have done it actually).

Hmmm... So, here we are. Only 3 more days to go, until detonation.

Let the festival, begin.


Srirudhran said...

v r eagerly waiting 4 the release of shivaji...yea itz a record breaking one releasing in most of d theatres...recently i got d tickets...i am going to njoy d festival of our superstar's most xpecting not a guy who shout n dance in d theatres but d things will make me to do so...let d countdown starts

Velu Nair said...

If u do get to see it, let us know how it was...

sanpras said...

your style of writing and the way of capturing the mood of fans in cinemas is well done.

Yes the full throated screams and throttle...takes one to a diff level. and by whatever probability there is absolutely NO chance this movie will fail whatsoever...the safest horse to bet in years and years of cinema, even if there's an ounce of doubt abt rajini's skills in the movie, bring on shankar and ARR and sujatha and KV Anand and all those talented technos behind the scenes.

quite breathtaking. we will await and survive the detonation.


Ghost Particle said...

hmmm...will there ever come a day when tamil movies hit 5000 cinemas at one go just like hollywood flicks?