Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Kamalhaasan BA

Was watching Vettayadu Vilayadu for the umpteenth time, and I somehow liked this angle of shoot. Apple Computers can actually market in India using this.

There is one brand that Kamalhaasan nearly plays an Brand Ambassador for, in Vettayadu Vilayadu. Guess what that product is.. Clue - After seeing this picture, I got the product too.VV


Anonymous said...

Tata Sumo

narayanan said...

Sumo Victa to be specific.

Srini said...

Hello Moto !!

Keerthi said...

Hello Moto it is :)

You guys are right about Sumo. But the "Clue" said that I got the product.. you guys know what I got.

Srini said...

In my personal opinion, the repeated use of 'Hello Moto' ring tone irritated me while watching the movie, esp during the climax !! Struck me right in the movie hall that he has silently endorsed :)

Also Keerthi, your post ends with the word 'VV'. Reading it on the avyukta template make it look like the inverted 'M' of the Motorola :) Was that a give-away? Just curious..

revatechnic said...

hello moto of course.... and you know, apple is marketed so well in shivaji also, rajini flashes it in the first half of the movie, the 2nd half, he nearly plays brand ambassador to IBM.

"Hi Buddy"