Saturday, July 14, 2007

Anbe Sivam

Avyukta is back ! You can now remove all the oxygen masks.
For people who guessed the answers, here we go. !

Chakra guessed it right (Dhoda !!). I was busy. Beyond what you can possibly imagine.

Dhana, actually Im a metapghor for Lazy !! :) You guessed me right.. but this doesnt become the reason, though.

KB, thanks dude. Brief illa.. elaborate dhaan.

Rasu, The power of Crystal Clear Dreams - Avyukta. (Very experienced readers of Avyukta might understand this) :)

Jeevan, Nandri Nanba. Its just 1st.

Narayanan, well.. you remember :)

The Other Avyukta, Okkamakka...!! enakkevaa ?

Sowmya, thanks for the link. BTW, which is not fair ?

Dagulu Bigulu Sevulu Avulu, Ippo naan enna senjutten ? adhai sollunga mudhalle !!

shree, you definitely have seen me somewhere !!

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