Saturday, July 07, 2007

Great Men think alike !

Well, the other part of the quote that we conveniently ignore is that "Fools seldom differ".

But because Writer Sujatha cannot be included in the second category, I include myself in the first category. :)

விஷயம் இதுதான்... I wrote a post (a so called post) sometime back, called Puraanam. Before writing this post I was induced by a thought process. What we call mythologies feature incidents and gadgets that are fantasy filled. Because they don't exist any longer, and because those stories were of the past, we term it under mythological elements. What if Mythologies were, actually, those days' science fiction.

இதுதான் எமது கருத்து.

And in This week's Vikatan - Katrathum Petradhum, Sujatha reflects the same thing. It gives me pleasure to think that someone else also thinks on the same line/wavelength as I do.

Either Sujatha had plagiarized my thought, or we can choose to say "Great men think alike !" :)

I know it is a little too much for me. But where's thrill without it.

UPDATE : I was reading through the archives of my own blog (i'm getting hopeless), and i stumbled upon a old post of mine. THIS. Read it and you will find Sujatha's famous Dialogue in Sivaji.

Something seriously fishy, guys !! :)


Ghost Particle said...

you have a good line of thought in this. At those times, the limit of imagination is what they see and do. The scriptures let them explore more, and to an extend you can say that the portrayal of Vimana (the flying chariots of Rama-Sita era) and giant temples and the advent of ancient astronauts (search Erich Von Daniken) do tell stories of Science Fiction.

But there lies a conundrum, Science Fiction is a huge genre, basically it is Science wrote in a fictional motion i.e. real or speculative science with fictional characters. And in it lies many sub genre, not all SF tell stories of space and aliens. If you have watched Darren Afronky's The Fountain, you would know what SF really is in its core. The same goes for Star Wars and Star Trek and Babylon 5, they are products of great imagination fused with popular culture and they remained as SF. There is no mythology in here that is we do not consider them as myth per say, they are what the future can be.

Going back to your line of thought, the ancients did not write speculative fiction, they wrote of what they saw and heard. So it cant be called SF for them. Its mythology and fantasy. Logically its a different genre, but I doubt if the ancients ever branded their writings. Its either religious or philosophy for them.

I had to say all this, I'm a big SF advocate, it changes the world and still is evolving. The sweetest of feelings thinking of the vast universe and the deepest thoughts.

---> sorry for commenting here, i missed the original post.

.Naanum said...

Even I thought that but failed to express it ...[:)]

Sowmya said...

"Either Sujatha had plagiarized my thought.." - haha..keerti

Truth is ONE , whomever approches it from different ways. :)

Srini said...


andha amaanushya shakthiya vechu 'Dasa' kadhai ennanu sollunga :) Can't wait for so long to hear from Sujatha /Kamal !!