Sunday, July 01, 2007

Karan Thapar - !!

Except for the few questions he asks, I hate Karan Thappar for his rude behaviour. He might make an impression of a pro-journalist, with his quick and dirty questions, but they always lacked purpose. The only idea of his conversation is to Win the conversation (or the heated up argument that he initiates).

I would like Karan Thappar to interview MKarunanidhi in the same style. Either of them should be easily pissed off, and if the probabilities of MK getting pissed off is more, then Karan would be in deep trouble.

Seen here, is the Devil's Advocate interview with Ram Jethmalani. Boy ! If this is not a hot discussion, what is.

If someone has the YouTube link for Karan's interview with JJ, please send me. I have a text transcript of their arguement, which ended like this...

KT: Chief Minister, a pleasure talking to you on HARDtalk India.
JJ: I must say it wasn't a pleasure talking to you. Namaste.


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