Thursday, July 19, 2007

So, what are you doing this weekend ?

Ah ! Its friday !

I have two useless questions to people I meet, thats spans across the weekend.

First Question is asked on Friday - "So, whats your plan for the weekend ?".

This question, frankly, doesn't even qualify to be a question. I could say that its just a numb,formal statement.

Whats more funny is the respondent's expressions. Every time he is asked this question, he feels as though he is unprepared for that moment of question. A few people even blush for no reason. A very few of them sink into a thought process, and stop being responsive and makes you feel quirky for having asked that question.

Here are some safe responses... these are responses from people who arent sure what they are going to do...

"Well, Im so tired man.. im going to sleep off all saturday and sunday.."

"i dont know... i might come to office"

"im planning for a movie.. not sure.."

These might sound like sane responses, but the significance of them is that they are not plans, but just answers for the weekend question. Honestly they do not know what they are upto. They just answer for the sake of responding that question.

Pause !

The second question - the even number question - is asked on a Monday. "So, how was your weekend ?".

Few people would be shocked. "What?? weekend is over ?".
Few people who blushed for the first question will so the same thing, as if someone asked him "how was your first night ?".
People who went into a thought process, will submerge even deeper now thinking "WTF did i do ???"

Safe responses again, "i slept off man !!.. completely.. !", "watched some movies....", "where was weekend ? i was here in office !! hmm..."

-Alright !

The deal here is not about the response. It is about the question.

People who ask this question, don't give a damn about what you are upto on the weekend. Some people who are asking this question wouldn't even be listening to your response.

For instance, tell them "Im going to Mars on saturday and will be returning, when it gets closer to earth in August".... The questioner, who probably wasnt listening, believes you have responded his question and just says "oh ! cool !!".

A few people ask this question, simply because they have something very exciting to do over the weekend.. and they cant wait to tell you...

"So, whats plan for the weekend ?" and when you've just started your response as " ? well.... um !...." they simply interfere inbetween and manifest "know what ? Im doing deep sea diving on sunday after I've done sky-diving on satuday... isnt that cool ??? What did you say you were going to do this weekend ?" and you are still in " ? well.... um !....".

Try this. Today.. make up your mind. Anyone who is going to ask you this question is going to receive a bizzare reply. Compose your bizzare reply (paste it on the comment section, let me see how imaginative you are), and shoot it out at the right moment.

There are too many useless questions, in a corporate world. This one takes an important place, considering the magnitude.

Hmm.. So, what are you doing this weekend ?

(pencil sketch by the greatest aatma on earth!)


Adaengappa !! said...

Thats one good post !!

Hmm.. So, what are you doing this weekend ?

I think i'm meeting with you :-)

Chakra said...

I hav got a very creative reply... but, adhellam sabai-la solla mudiyaadhu.. :)


Nice post, keerthi!

What am I doing this weekend? I YAM eating YAMS this weekend...

narayanan said...

quater adichutu kuppara padukka poren :)