Thursday, August 30, 2007

Sathyam - Ratatouille

Disney * PIXAR have done the magic again. Ratatouille (pronounced as is the new animation from their factories and it has just begun to rock the world of the kids. I join this gang- the kids gang, whenever possible , and enjoy these animations.

Sathyam has done more than just premiering and releasing the movie. The kid you see on this picture is Dachu (like you dont know ?) with a Activity Book and a Chef'sHat presented to him by Sathyam. Dachukku perumai thaangalai. These kind of freebies and stuffs are going to make the parents bring their kids back again for the next Animation movie. (probably this is a initiative by Disney PIXAR..)

Pixar has brought in a whole new dimension of looking at animation movies, taking it up from where Disney left. I store a bundle of their animations - Geri's Game, The Birds, Jack Jack Attack, The Boundin and many many more. Pixar adds human emotions to its characters. (Watch this - Sample )

Director Mahendran, in his interview in Ananda Vikatan, has mentioned that Tamil Film Industry doesn't make movies for kids. Well, true in one aspect. But indha Ajith padam, Vijay padam ellam yaarukku edukkaraanga ?

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Balaji M Athreya said...

good one keerthi...

in more than one way i feel pixar has gone beyond even disney, nevertheless we ve gotta factor into account when disney kicked off, the techno.they used, etc.. but still, pixar rocks (yes, they ve got a very nice way of expressing human emotions thru their characters)

But i disagree on one point..

while disney and pixar use animated characters to entertain kids (ONLY), our beloved tamil cinema uses real reel life guys to do it..

please remember the following heroes...

1. Cab-10 vijaykandh,
2. Balayya aka Bakakrishna (telugu)
3. Ajith and
4. Dr. Vijay...

oops,did i say Dr?