Sunday, August 19, 2007

Surge - Bhakti

I wonder if you have noticed the sudden surge in "Bhakthi" amongst Tamilians. Well, its not Bhakthi, to be honest. But a similar inclination.

Before getting on anything, I'd like you to zoom into this picture. This is Villiwakkam Baliamman Temple's Theemidhi Festival. What used to be a "silent event" is now a "grand festival". Owing to its popularity, a lot of commercial elements have crept into this "festival". Live TV Coverage on Local channels, sponsors for Kumara Makkal(people who do the Theemidhi), Projectors for localites to watch the event and so on. One important commercial element is the vinyl hoardings surrounding the temple. There are so many, that they hide the presence of even two story apartments. If you would see the full version of this picture, you would find "Vijayakanth", "Jayalalitha" and even "Kalaignar Karunanidhi" welcoming the "Bhakthargal" to the festival. Talk of "Pagutharivu" !!!

This is not just in this temple. Every Amman temple in the nook and corner of Chennai had a celebration for the whole of Aadi maasam. Local groups of youngsters start collecting money and plan the event. For instance, on the Perungudi junction, there is a Amman temple.. and its Aadi Maasam celebrations included a huge plaster of paris Amman with an inbuilt motor to Open and Close the deities eyes. Orey Scene dhaan !

Wonder where all this bhakti sprung from. All temples are crowded on weekends, fridays and tuesdays. A lot of new temples are being founded. Lots of funds.

It is going to be a difficult task for the DK party to go and place that legendary "Periyar" saying in front of all the temples.

What is this ? The slow death of atheism in Tamilnadu ?


Srikanth said...

Common livelihood is difficult these days. Requirements, desires, aspirations are running high. So automatically people turn to divinity, what else?

Dhana said...

>> "The slow death of atheism in Tamilnadu ?"

death of atheism!! that too in TN... chance less...

These people are just using the name of god for publicity but to their heart they never have that "Bhakti"

atheism will not die atleast till that god comes alive...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

MHO - People are insecure!! The more the insecurity....more attendance at the temples, more temples, more astologers..etc..etc