Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Vijay TV still Rocks ?

It is always refreshing to see creative talent, that too in abundance.
Question is, "is it well appreciated ?"

There are two programs I watch on TV. Both are from Vijay TV.
Grandmaster and King Queen Jack.

King Queen Jack is a "Stand up Comedy" show. YGee Mahendran, Badavaa Gopi, Baski and Oorvasi crack jokes. In a program worth One hour, it is guaranteed that you'll be impressed with atleast 40% of the jokes. My favourite of the lot is Badava Gopi. I feel this guy is so Original. Check out this video.

Vera enna program uruppadiya irukku ?


narayanan said...

Me sees Koffee with Anu somewhat regularly, mostly bcos of the guests being chosen.

rasu said...

i am from singapore, so i always get all the programs one week later and i watch all vijay tv programs.

neeya naana
Kana kaanum Kalangal
Koffee with Anu
Madhans Thiraparvai ( sometime i get international movie reviews)

and so many...

stopped watching sun tv...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Vijay Rocks IMHO. I love LOLLU Sabha..!, Koffee with Anu, Sangamam, Neeya Naana, GrandMaster, Jodi-No-1, Super singer ( over now ), Thirai Vimarsanam and the stage shows they show!