Sunday, September 23, 2007


Please welcome, Akshara.
Akshara is the Cute little daughter of Senthil and Lavanya, my friends.

Recently this sweet potato celebrated its first birthday, and I had an invitation. I wanted to go, but they had forgotten to send the flight tickets to California. Hmmm !

That invitation had this picture. How cute ? Sun rays kissing the forehead !

உச்சி முகர்ந்து, அக்ஷராவிடம்
சூரியன் சொன்னது....

Fill in the blanks !


subbudu said...

சென்னையிலிருந்து நான், கீர்த்திக்கு பதிலாக...

Lavanya said...

Hey... It was a very warm welcome for my lil one. Hope u will be here when we celebrate her 2nd b'day ;-)