Monday, October 15, 2007

திராட்சை தின்பவன் புத்திசாலியா ?
பழரசம் குடிப்பவன் குற்றவாளியா ?

Wine Glass

Chennai Photography Club organized a workshop on Sunday, which had a Model-photoshoot tagged to it. Mr. Manohar, who handled the session, has a lot of attributes with respect to Photography. He owns a studio and is a Pro-photographer. He taught us, on Sunday, right from the basics/evolution of Cameras. It turned out to be more informative than what I expected.

The whole gang of people who attended this workshop were all armed with a DSLR, except me who was with a tiny Sony DSC H5. It dawned upon me, when Mr. Manoharan asked us to set the camera with F16 and shutter speed 125, that I needed a DSLR - badly (for which i need a raise and promotion. Boy, thats asking a lot). Nyways, I managed to take some pictures in my own settings. Here are a few, from the photoshoot.

This particular picture was supposed to be captured on a Black background. I couldnt do it with my camera settings. So, i used the Light-box as the background and clicked the wine glass. Will show you how Mr. Manohar captured this glass, when he uploads those photos.


Gowri Sankar R said...

Absolutely Brillaint stuff Keerthi... You seem to be playing with the physics of Photography... best of luck..

may your prayers come true... may you get promotions and salary increments... and get hold of the latest in DSLR's..

subbudu said...

இதுக்கும் டைட்டிலுக்க்கும் இன்னா சம்பந்தம் கீது ?

Keerthi said...

Thanks Gowri.

Lazy, chumma Wine glass paartha udane nyaabagam vandhadhu.