Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Get some change

New 2 Rupees Coin

When someone gave me this coin, in return for something, I was wondering if this was really a Legal Rs. 2 coin. Then I figured out it was really legal, and began loving it. I love the way this photo turned out as well. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the new Rs. 2 Coin issued by the Indian Govt. in 2007. The first ever coin, whose design I like. Clutter-free, simple and artistic(!).

If you were in India, you would have noticed that the 10 Paise and 25 Paise coins are nearly out of existence. Atleast I don't see any use for them. All denominations have been rounded off, and very rarely there is a 50 paise residue. Probably only Bata is sticking to Rs. 399.95 as its featherlite sandal's price. (There was a cool idea for the rest of the 5 paise, by Prabu Karthik). Have you ever tried asking back your 5 paise ?

I've heard people talk about how a 25 paise coin costs more than 25 Paise to make it. Whew ! Thats trouble.

I used to get five 5 paise chocolates for 25 paise (a green color wrapped Nutrine chocolate). Now, the minimum pulippu mittai(read this) is 50 paise.

Soon, I can see, a future will emerge where the least denomination will just be Re. 1.

Now that the Reserve Bank of India has stopped printing the currency bills for Re. 1, Rs. 2 and i guess Rs. 5 as well, it looks to me as if our monetary unit starts at Rs. 10.

Now, Is that good or bad ?


Bhaskar said...

its bad as it reflects inflation.


Well if this is a new coin, it looks horrible. You should also have posted the pic of the other face... but judging by this side, this looks like a disappointing venture. Is it really golden in colour?

மங்களூர் சிவா said...


first time I am seeing this new two rupees coin. thanks.

its already became 1 rupee coin is the least worth. even beggers are not accepting less than that

monetary unit starts at Rs. 10

it is too bad for our economy.