Tuesday, October 09, 2007


He stepped out of his house.

If he had turned right, he would have seen a child running in the middle of the road, trying to catch a flying balloon. He would have run towards the kid to prevent it from being hit by a speeding truck. By saving that kid, he would have made friend of her, who was a widow. They would have made calls frequently, and started flirting out. One such call would have prevented another person from making a call. That person was trying to tell his boss to stop a delivery of a product. He had forgotten to put a patch to a loophole. The delivery would be made and the loophole would be detected. The loophole is basically a life killer and it kills a person in a unknown city in Saudi Arabia. He was a oil-farm worker who had overheard a huge scandal by his boss. The boss was funded by some Al* group and they would have come to light if the worker had let out the secret. That would have ignited a series of murders which would involve American lives, deliberately. That would have caused another war, and Bush would loose the congress debate. He would have lost presidency.

But luckily for Bush, he turned left.

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Ravi Varman said...

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