Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mulberry Banana Smoothie

We entered Fruit Shop on Greams Road (also called as FSGR), on Saturday.

FSGR has a stall inside my office cafeteria. And because I didn't like Arusuvai Arasu food in the canteen, I began to like FSGR juices. I like their standards and proportions in making juices, like how Hotel Saravana Bhavan makes its Sambhar. I'm an ardent fan of their "Mango Milkshake", which I don't like anywhere else.

Now that the Mango Season is out, I settle down for a Lemon Juice. This being the cheapest in the menu card (Rs. 15), it is the best possible way to take your friend there and have a talk, as lengthy as you want, enjoy the ambiance and pay a bill of just Rs. 30. :) May be thats why Im getting harsh stares from the FSGR folks as we enter the Anna Nagar FSGR frequently.

This Saturday, we had 1 hour to spend before the movie "Katradhu Thamizh" and the best possible way to spend time was FGSR in Kilpauk.

As we entered, we wanted to try something better then Lemon Juice. Their Menu Card looks like this. I have a syndrome that prevents me to select anything from the Menu Card. Thats when I saw a poster stuck on the wall - "Mulberry Banana Smoothie". We ordered that and instructed them to take their own sweet time to bring it.

Ten minutes later, Mulberry Banana Smoothie was sitting on our table. A few Mulberries were dangling on the juice. That was the first time I ever saw a Mulberry. Not sure of how it tastes, my friend asked me to taste it first before he drank his juice. I took a sip.

Yamma ! What a smooth taste. I couldn't figure out what ingredients were used in it. But what the heck ! Why do i care. The smoothie was fantastic, I was melting in its taste. If you have plenty of time to spend, Sit on a window of FSGR, order a Mulberry Banana smoothie and ........... Duh ! Rs. 75 per smoothie.

Give it a try.. Here's the recipe. (never thought it had some pineapple content)


Balaji M Athreya said...

good one keerthi... :-)

Keerthi said...

try it. You can call it MB Smoothie :)