Wednesday, October 24, 2007

WIRED - Tests

Wired Magazine has tested a few Gadgets and has announced the results, based on votes from its readers. Gadgets of every genre - Digital Cameras, Mobiles, Televisions, Household appliances and many more.

The Digital Camera section surprisingly ranks Olympus E 510 as the top of the DSLR breed, as voted by people. This camera features "Live Preview", something that had been missing in the DSLR cameras for years (I wonder why ! It was first introduced by E 330 of Olympus). I assume that the DSLR minus the Pentaprism, will bring down the price of the DSLR body. So, I can wait until then.

Read the complete article here.

As for people in India, who wish to buy a Digital camera, Canon is putting up a Diwali sale.
Powershot A 460 is on sale for Rs. 7995 (including 1 GB memory, battery charger and carry case).
Powershot A 550 is Rs. 9995 (includes 1 GB memory, battery charger and carry case).
Powershot A 630 is 15995 (includes 2 GB memory, battery charger and carry case).

So, we need not trouble our US friends to wait outside Circuit City on Thanksgiving day sale, atleast not for a Digital Camera.

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Ghost Particle said...

Was surprised when I read the wired review as well. I always thought Nikon D40, 80 and Canon 400 to be the top of the line entry level DSLR. Even more in the review both Nikon and Canon had some gripes about them. funny...but certainly Olympus is cheaper than Nikon and about the same price as Canon 400.