Thursday, November 22, 2007


The following post is NOT an advertisement. Just sharing my personal experience (as always).

For long, I've wanted to print my pictures and place them in Albums. You might recollect my thoughts on how different watching a photo on Monitor is, from feeling the photo on a printed-photo-paper. I constantly check internet sites that allow uploading our pictures and later print them and ship them to our address. The services offered have been pleasing. Only that the exorbitant pricing sends me tremors. A minimum of $ 0.99 per 4 X 6 print. I can do it for Rs. 5 here in a studio.

I am extremely lethargic on Saturdays and Sundays. So, I never expect myself to burn the photos I'd like to print on a CD, Drive out of my home to a Studio, Place printing orders, Wait there / get back after a few hours and collect back the pictures. Anyday, but Saturdays and Sundays.

Here's my way of finding alternatives. PICSQUARE.

Whenever I find good-services being offered (on the net, or anywhere else), I quickly flip pages to the Tariff section. We are sure to expect a shocker, there. When I landed on Picsquare, I was only surprised and the surprise was on the happy side.

Picsquare, ladies and gentlemen, is a Website that primarily offers Photo Printing services. You upload your pictures, Order for prints, and they ship it to your Address. Simple.

Whats the surprise ? A maxi size (4 X 6) photo is printed at Rs. 3/ per copy (9 cents if paying in USD).
Whats More ? You are not in India, yet you can ship the printed photos to your home or anywhere at local shipping charges (Rs. 36 or 100 cents).
How is the service ? Fantastic. I printed 15 photos and it came to me in 4 days. Very good quality prints. Neat packaging and almost prompt delivery. I certify.

You dont have too much trouble on the photo uploading part. You can directly import pictures from you Flickr or Picasa albums. Or you could upload directly from your computer. Or you could even mail them the photo CD and they would upload it for you.

There are other Gift features they offer.. Photo Printed Mugs, Photo Mouse Pads, Collages, Greeting card and Calendars - all of them can feature your very own photos.

I was lured by the Diwali offer. I printed 15 photos for Rs. 40 (including shipment). There are many such offers on the site, that you can attempt and try the service.

Two IIT students have started this service, and this runs from Bangalore.

Try this service. It is worth.


Anonymous said...

Also checkout snapfish, a similar service provided by HP. The price is Rs 2.95 per photo and you get 40 prints for free when u sign up.

Dhana said...

i recommend snapfish.

Its really simple, timely delivery and even cheap

Keerthi said...

Anon and Dhana, what i liked most here is Flickr and Picasa Integration. No upload hassles. However, im going to try your recomendations. Thanks said...

Nice Blog Keerthi, Also, If you want to print larger photo prints at really low prices, check . These guys offer the lowest price 2.95 per 4X6 print and also lower for all other print sizes. Why just print 4X6 always ?

Also sendmyfoto has integrated with Facebook, Picasa and Flickr. I ordered 10 photos and I got my delivery in 3 days and sendmyfoto has the lowest delivery cost of Rs 30 for printing and shipping digital photos in India.

Anonymous said...

Another good service is .

Anonymous said...

Ya, is great.