Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Indian Navy (!)

Indian Navy @ Chennai

The Indian Navy exhibited their inventory and skills yesterday at Marina Beach, Chennai.

The beach was, apparently, heavily crowded and I had to go close to Santhome to get a two-wheeler parking. And I couldn't take very clear pictures, owing to the Low light conditions.

But it was a great sight to see the Indian Navy exhibit their combat-ships. Probably they were announcing the detail, but that was all happening in Gandhi Statue. I couldn't hear a thing from Santhome. Luckily I got better angles here, only the light was poor.

Check out the complete Set, here or better way - check the Slideshow.

Salute !!

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Jeevan said...

Your pictures are very good in quality keerthi!! I was also watching this show from Santhom hamlet road.