Friday, February 15, 2008

There's a movie... Is there a market ?

Everytime we see this man talk, we understand how to learn the art of answering a question.

But there was one question that I wish to discuss in detail which, as per my understanding, Kamal hasn't answered properly... or probably without insight.

"Tamil movie's budget has been on the rise.... is there a market ?? "

I'd say thats a good question.
Let's factor in these facts.

1. How many new theatres were constructed inside city ?
2. Are there increased no. of seats in existing theatres ?
3. Sky-rocketting ticket rates and people not preferring that
4. DVD quality pirated versions of the movie, out in max one week

Well, where's the market for Rs. 120 crores ?


Anonymous said...

There are 2 is adopting Hollywood style....Release the movie in maximum number of screen for 1-2 weeks...People have no other chance have to go....Spiderman...superman..batman..all films collections are huge bcos of this strategy....

2nd option should be movie is exceptionally well so that family and repeat audience crowd boost the collection....

Jeevan said...

These are the same question I too have in mind, but no answers at hand. Especial the ticket rates stops people looking at theaters and down to streets to buy quality DVDs at 30 or 40. Cinema must be saved!

Ghost Particle said...

super post, excellent topic. it is true...and the main problem over here in malaysia is the very high ticket prices for Tamil movies.
he says the population is rising, more number ppl are watching, etc.

but wat if the movie bombs? then the producer kills himself? IMHO...the funds should and must be reduced. if there is a good story, then if the shooting period is superfast like in the indian industry, then dont exceed the limited amounts. DONT go for overseas shootings, dont overdo the graphics, dont hire ARR, stop digitizing everything about the movie...even the hype and gossips are in dts and super digitized :P

but to watch kamals latest flick...i have to spend a minimum on 12MYR... about 150 rupees per person. without the popcorn, the travel and the toll, and petrol, and etc...

Narayanan Venkitu said...

Well..he says
Population is growing.
It's a cash cow and hence being milked.

But I am sorry he has to learn from BABA and Indralogam! on the downside and Mozhi a low budget film doing really well.

I wish they don't make another 'Sivaji' out of it !

Shreekanth said...

My Doubt is If at all a movie is produced for 120 crores then the producer should atleast make out 20 to 30% after profit shared to the distributer. How can one make peanuts for such a huge investment. However observed Kamal exclaiming " Ha.. I like that figure.." which then I hope the budget actually is not too high..

Anonymous said...

I am an admirer of Kamal's talent but a severe critic of his narcissistic tendencies. You indicated that he knows how to answer a question; hardly. He is a pretentious, arrogant megalomaniac.

He is hardly the intellectual he thinks he is. He believes he is humourous and witty, he comes off as self righteous and deluded.

What's more he obviously can't take a trick. He lost a lot of money with Aalavandan and Hey Ram. Why should it be any different this time round?

Before the haters start accusing me of arrogance myself, I will say that Hey Ram is quite possibly the greatest tamil film ever made.

Of course, on film cannot redeem a lifetime of shoplifting from Hollywood and hammy acting.

Hopefully Dasavatharam rectifies that situation.