Tuesday, April 22, 2008

அவதார தரிசனம் ஆரம்பம்


Ghost Particle said...

AAAAAAAAAAA! I WANT To catch this NOW! when is it being released...holly snaps it looks too good! Hey..whose the Chinese actress? looks so familiar... and the segway scene :D oh man...all looks good.

one small gripe...why the 'first time in world cinema history'? have there never been any other actor with 10 or more roles...eddie murphy maybe?

Directhit said...

nope AFAIK its the first time someone does 10 - Eddie did 7 in Nutty Professor and Jim Carrey did 6 or so in one movie. Lots of pausing the youtube video shows the 10 characters in the movie :)

Keerthi said...

GP and Directhit, hope we have more information now.