Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Show me your strength

Show me your strength


Jeevan said...

Exactly wonderful, esp. the simply way of showing president. much talented!! :)

Anonymous said...


nice one. But, just to let you know that it is always 'parliament' and not 'the parliament'.

Your posts, especially Tamil ones, are eclectic. Very good flow and a chatty writing style.

Your sense of humour and your turn of phrase have a touch of Sujatha.

Keep the good work going.

Keerthi said...

Jeevan, thanks.

Anon, yeah. Forgot that. Thanks for the pointer. And thanks a lot for your comment. :)

Sreeram (Cognizant) said...

Good one KRTY :-)

After Sujatha its time for u to put on the thinking caps of Madan ah ?:-)

Eagerly awaiting for the rest of the 7 avatars...