Tuesday, July 22, 2008

UPA Wins


Today we had the climax of Shame in Indian politics. It cannot become worse. MPs behaving ruthlessly and staging dramas, showed their extremeness of crude. A lot of allegations to follow, regarding the bribery. I honestly dont care if the MPs were bribed.

Whatever said and done, the Government survives.
And thankfully, the N-Deal will be signed.

Deh siva var mohe, shubh karman te kabhu na darru. Na daru arso jab jaye ladoo, nischey kar apni jeet karun

Update -
Ending statement of PM's unspoken speech at Parliament yesterday -
The greatness of democracy is that we are all birds of passage! We are here today, gone tomorrow! But in the brief time that the people of India entrust us with this responsibility, it is our duty to be honest and sincere in the discharge of these responsibilities. As it is said in our sacred texts, we are responsible for our actions and we must act without coveting the rewards of such action. Whatever I have done in this high office I have done so with a clear conscience and the best interests of my country and our people at heart. I have no other claims to make.

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