Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sunday Temple - Vadapalani

Faith Yawn and Cry
Faith and Yawn

Lead Kindly Light

Dee Jay !!

Faith at Work
Faith at Work

A little chat outside the Workstation
A Little Chat in the Workstation

Hanging Requests
Vadapalani Temple - Vendudhals

Sun's way of evening worship
Vadapalani Temple - Sunlight

The East Gopuram
Vadapalani Temple - East Facing Tower

Tone Mapped - Vadapalani Tank
DSC09043_1_2_HDR 1 Less

HDR - Vadapalani Tank
DSC09043_1_2_HDR 2 Less

Sun's Exit through the West Gopuram
Sunset through the West Tower - Vadapalani Temple

Main Entrance - Vadapalani
Vadapalani Temple - Entrance

Mugappu - Vadapalani Temple
Vadapalani Temple - Front Gopuram


Shobana said...

Nice pics! I liked the tone mapped tank pic than its original version. Good work.

Jeevan said...

Wonderful pictures keerthi, I enjoy the different moments captured. This temple’s memories are least, which I visited many years back.

Shreekanth said...

BK anna Mahesh vera !!!

Ghost Particle said...

excellent snaps, lol at the workstation quip. ur angles are always beautiful.

Vas said...

Great Photos keerthi...Nenga Oru kutti PC Sriram thaan...

Keerthi said...

Shobana, Jeevan, GP, Vas.. thanks :)

Shreekanth, yep !