Friday, November 28, 2008

Mumbai Attacks - News and Stories

TIMES NOW - Clearly the best channel bringing in this news. I totally appreciate the way Arnab Goswami - Editor in Chief of Times Now Channel interrupted every politician's press conference, and broke into live feeds as events unfold coming in from the Three Major War zones.

Absolute team work exhibited by his team. They were the closest to the compounds of the Nariman house, and at every point Arnab asked the journalist not to divulge any information that may be critical and hurting the operation carried over by the NSG. Even at the Taj, Arnab instructed the team to oblige to the Security officials.

More than anything, you can call it Screen gimmicks or whatever, I liked the way Arnad pulled the plugs from any video showing any politician trying to score a Television mileage utilizing this opportunity. Even when the Pakistani foreign minister started speaking "my heart goes out to those...", Arnab plugged out right there and moved to Nariman house narrating "There we have the foreign minister of Pakistan reciting the usual sentences.. lets move on to our reporter in Nariman house.."

Even as the Third floor of the Nariman house was not secure, one politician walks into the area and started talking to the police officials. This errupted into some unrest in the area, and there were loud cheers. How ironic this may sound, we heard cheerings from people when atleast five hostages were dead inside the building. Arnab rightly said that the police is only being troubled more by these cheers and there is absolutely no need for any politician to step into an area that is still not declared secure.

This news channel is giving News and not stories. They are not hyping things up, and as i can see, they are not poking the microphones into the faces of commandos... but they are milking the news in a orthodox fashion and have been giving the most accurate coverage since yesterday. I have not seen this channel until yesterday, ever. But to spot the striking difference between other channels and this, I wasn't allowed by Arnab Goswami to switch channels.


Vetrimagal said...

YEsTiems now was the best of the lot. The NDTV hindi channel too was doing a good job. Rest of the channels were loud and giving their own opinions. ( though Arnab too was going over the top once in a while). His anchor at the Taj , that lady too did a good job. Rather I would prefer Pranoy Roy to anchor anyday. Those were the days!

Barkha, Rajdeep, Sagarika need a holdiay away from the mikes for few months.

Ram said...


Hold on. I too agree with u most of the part as TIMES is the best coverage and close range videos and absolutely giving breaking news all the 60 hours.

Just to tell u how these guys are given all the operational information and then try to say we are committed not to give any operational information. Only this time channel has leaking the operation names of NSG...and they started saying the "final assault" by Thursday night the day goes Friday night they said "Final of the final assault"-----is this news or stories decide urself keerti"

-I am not here too support any other channels, without confirming TIMES And CNN IBN only started speculating that there is a fresh firing at CST by Friday afternoon....rightly news channels are blocked out in Mumbai after this by panicking people with out any official confirmation.....

- And making the matter worst HEADLINES TODAY showing the videos of NSG guard sanitizing the TAJ rooms... Is this really required to know the public and moreover this video will help the terrorist in future how to counter this kind of action and comes up with innovative ideas of making new weapons…..

M Arunachalam said...

I don't know why these media scoundrels were allowed to telecast the terrorist operation live as if a T20 match was going on - all under the guise of media freedom?

When Arnab Goswami of Times Now asked, in one of his discussion programme, an Israeli counter-terrorism expert by name Kedar on Thursady night (around 24 hours into the seige), as to what the expert thought of the terrorists' design & commandos' efforts to bring the crisis to an end, the Israeli expert retorted like this from Jerusalem:

"I think the terrorists are getting what they wanted and more - the attention of the entire world thru the live telecast. These terrorists want to propagate their agenda & send a message across the world for which you media are helping them to succeed in their mission by this unnecessary publicity. Assume if these terrorists were to advertise 24 hours a day for 2 or 3 days in not one or two but half a dozen chanells, what is the amount of money they have to spend, imagine? Now they are getting free publicity for their organisation and their agenda. There is no need to do TV coverage like this round the clock when what is needed is only to disseminate relevant news/ information for the public at large. I don't know why even the security agencies have not seen the need to restrain the media from telecasting the event so closely & so intimately & round the clock."

Contrast this with how the US TV channells behaved in a much more responsible manner during 9/11 tragedy and how the US security agencies didn't allow the media at ground zero & nearabouts till such time they have completed their investigations/analyses of the evidences.

I think whenever a new tough anti-terrorism law is brought forth in India, the law makers should ponder about this & try to include some clauses to restrain the media at least when national security is at stake.