Thursday, January 29, 2009

And the little one has grown !

போட்டோ எப்படி ?


K S said...

Very unique blog.
Fantastic pictures.

Please visit:

Keep blogging.
Good luck.

Vas said...

Great rock as usual

Raks said...


venkatramanan said...

செம கெத்தா இருக்கான் தச்சு!

Anonymous said...

From the previous post's comments-
Nice Pictures. which bus did you take?

Keerthi said...

Vas, it is Dachu who rocks :)

Raks, Venkatramanan, thanks.

Anon, replied there. 76 B.

Anonymous said...

Nice snaps and good mixing.

Anonymous said...

hey keerthi,

its simply rocks!

can u tell me the steps to give this kind of effect to a photo using photoshop ?