Friday, January 09, 2009

I Support Satyam Employees - But How ?

This post is just about Satyam's 53,000 plus employees, whose life has been stranded in a sinking ship. It, in now way, is inclined in the interests of the company "Satyam". It is all about their employees.

We all know, what has happened to Satyam in the past few weeks. Now, how can we help Satyam's employees, out of this situation ?

Some senior person in Infosys has instructed his HR not to entertain job-requests from Satyam Employees. That was really absurd to have said in the Open media. I understand one perspective of that statement. However, I don't see a need to express that to the media, and become a role-model or benchmark policy for other companies' recruiting policies.

Clearly, these employees are in trouble. I understand that there are good energies flowing among the Satyam employees and they stand united to get themselves out of this issue.

But I think, the Software fraternity should extend a helping hand to the Satyam employees.

I am from a different company, but I feel the pain and confusion Satyam employees undergo right now.

I somehow feel, I have a call to take. I can either choose to react, or not to.
I think this is the right time. Lets talk.

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Lets discuss how we can help the Satyam Employees.


யாத்ரீகன் said...

thats the right sprit keerthi.. count me in, this is time to think about moving forward than analyzing and blaming.

Anonymous said...

Hypocrisy at its best. I love it. ROTFL. Thank you.


Anonymous said...

i am from non-IT...still lacks of people living without jobs or salary not more than 3000. still they r surviving.... if possible try to hepl them .. atleast u people can teach some softwares freely...............dont worry abt satyam employesss, most of the people earned enough...please try to see the other people also..i mean non-IT people (90 percent of the total population)

Anonymous said...

i agree with the above comment....after mumbai 26/11 blast, media and most of the people worrying abt TAj body bother abt people died in railway station (because they are poor people)
like that u people worrying abt IT people....beacuse of them only from vegetables to house rent ..everything is increased

Keerthi said...

YATHRIKAN, sure. thanks

Anon, laugh on.

Anon2, there is a reason behind my fear and concern over satyam employees. It causes a devastating ripple effect.. It has to be controlled at initial stages.

Anon3, Because of them.. everything is increased... ?! I agree on a certain percentage.. but then there were/are plenty of good things that happened to this society because of them.

Anonymous said...

Even some people are doing it by poll, Yesterday it got featured in CNBC, an Ex-Satyamite is keep rolling to bring out the positive attitude towards Satyam by his website. You can check the link { }, they named it Friends of Satyam.